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$312.49 ; here's how: You have original price is 100%, final price = original price - discount amount, and discount amount = original price * discount percent.

So Final price = original price - original price * discount percent = (Original price)*(100 % - discount percent).

249.99 = P0 * (100%-20%) = P0 * (0.80) ---> P0 = 249.99 / 0.80 = 312.4875

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Q: What is the original price with a 20 percent discount you get 249.99?
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If the original price is 25 dollars and the discount price is 23.75 what is the percent discount?


If the original price is 95 and the sales price is 61.75 what is the percent of discount?

34% discount

How do you find the percent of discount if you know the original price in the sale price?

Percentage discount = 100*(1 - sale price/original price)

Price of soda is 5.50 the discount was 20 percent what was original price?

The original price was $6.88

If the sale price is 84 with the discount of 30 percent What is the original price?

The original price was 120.00

What is the original price of a sweater if the percent of discount is 20 percent and the sale price is 28.40?


What is a 10 percent discount?

Paying 90% of the original price.

What is the new price if the original price is 78 and the discount is 12 percent?


What is the original price if the discount is 40 percent and the sale price is 13.80?

The original price is 23.00, as 13.80 is 60% of it.

Greg bought a model plane for 485 after a 30 percent discount what percent of the original price did greg pay?

If Greg got a 30% discount, he paid 70% of the original price- if they only ask for the percentage of the original price, the actual original price is irrelevant.

What is the original list price if the discount is 35 and the discount rate is 10 percent?

If the discounted price is $35, then you must reverse the process to find the original price. The original price would be 38.99 dollars.

How do you find the original amount if you only have a sale price and a discount?

If the discount is D percent and the sale price is S, then the original price was S*100/(100-D)

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