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the product is y=5sindn

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Q: What is the product of a constant and a variable?
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Is a constant a number variable or the product of a number and one or more variables?

A constant is not a variable at all, and none of its factors was a variable. It is constant.

When the product of two variables is a constant?

The Control Variable

Definition of directly proportional?

Where one variable is always the product of the other and a constant.

Wha is a linear equation?

A linear equation is when each term in the algebraic equation is either a constant or the product has a single variable and a constant.

What is the relationship between two variable if the product of the variables is constant?

inversely proportional or inverse proportion

What is the constant and variable of 6x?

The constant is the number; the variable is the letter.

What is the constant variable in Avogadro's law?

The question is about an oxymoronic expression. A constant cannot be a variable and a variable cannot be a constant!

What a variable that does not change in an experiment is called a constant?

Constant variable

What does a constant do in c plus plus?

A constant is a variable that does not change. The correct term is constant variable.

What is the opposite of the word constant?

The opposite of the word "constant" is "variable".

Which variable have been held constant?

Logic fault ---> no such thing as a constant variable (by axiom: def of variable) []

What is the constant of the variable?

The definition of constant variable is a variable whose value cannot be changed once it has been assigned a value for an experiment. It is the variable held steady, or constant, for a specific experiment.