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There can be no answer because there is no inequality in the question.

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Q: What is the solution to the inequality -4 plus x -7?
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Is -7 a solution or inequality?


Is 5 a solution to 4x plus 7?

4x + 7 is an expression, not an equation. Only an equation (or an inequality) can have solutions, an expression cannot have a solution.

Ach of the numbers below is a solution of the inequality 2x plus 3 7 EXCEPT?


What number would be a solution for the inequality x plus 7 10?

If (x+7) > 10, then x > 3. If (x+7) < 10, then x < 3.

What is the solution to this inequality x-7-5?


Is 7 a solution of an inequality?

14 49 2401

How do you solve z plus 7 -14?


What is the solution to the inequality 2 is less than 2 times x plus 4 is less than 18?

2 < 2x + 4 < 18 Subtract 4: -2 < 2x < 14 Divide by 2: -1 < x < 7

Each of the numbers below is a solution of the inequality 2x plus 3 greater than 7 except?

2x + 3 > 72x + 3 - 3 > 7 - 32x > 42x/2 > 4/2x > 2The solution is all real numbers greater than 2.

How do you graph an inequality?

Through signs of inequality Solve each inequality Graph the solution? 2(m-3)+7<21 4(n-2)-6>18 9(x+2)>9(-3)

Which is the solution of the inequality n plus 21 is greater than or equal to 7?

n + 21 ≥ 7 Subtract 21 from both sides: n ≥ -14

Absolute Inequality 3 plus 4 absolute value of 3x plus 7 is less than or equal to -89?

Do you mean 3 + 4|3x + 7| ≤ - 89? There is no solution to the inequality, since it is a false statement. A positive number cannot be equal or less than a negative number. On the left side, you are dealing only with positive numbers, since the absolute value is always positive, no matter what the values of x are.

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