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A 25 cm cube has all edges with a length of 25 cm. Therefore each face has an area of 25*25 = 625 sq cm.

As a cube has 6 faces, the total surface area of the cube is

625*6 = 3750 square centimeters.

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Q: What is the surface area of a 25 centimeters cube?
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What is the surface area of a cube of side 25 centimeters?

3750 square cm

What is the volume of a cube with a surface area of 25 square units?

Surface Area of a Cube = 6a2 where a is the length of a side25 = 6a225/6 = a2a = 2.04124Volume of Cube = a3= 2.041243= 8.50515

What is the area of a cube with sides 5inches 5inches and 5inches?

25 sq. in. per side.The total surface area of the cube is 25 times six sides = 150

What is the volume of a cube 15 centimeters by 25 centimeters by 20 centimeters?

7,500 cm3

If the cube above has a volume of 125 m3 what is the surface area of the cube?

Find the cube root of 125 which is 5. That tells you each of the lengths. Multiply the one side by another to get the area of one face. It is now 25. Multiply 25 by 6 to get the surface area of combined area of all the faces. This is now 150.

What is the total surface area of a cube of side 5 centimeters?

625Improved Answer:There are 6 faces each having an area of 5*5 = 25 sq cm6*25 = 150 sq cmSubsequent edit: this not only an improved answer but the correct one!

If the surface area of a cube is 150 what is the volume of the cube?

it would be 125 cubed parameter having: the surface area is 150, 150/ 6 squares =25 25 square area gives 5 as a parameter volume= 5*5*5=125

What is the surface area of a cube with 5 cm sides?

Each face will be 5x5= 25 sq cm. There are 6 faces to a cube, so 6x25= 150 sq cm surface area.

What is the surface area of a cube that has side lengths of 5 cm?

The surface area of a cube is solved with the formula:SA = 6b^2,with b = length of cube. In our case, the length is 5cm, so,SA = 6(5)^2 = 6(25) = 150.

What is the surface area for a cube with the volume of 125?

First you can use the volume to determine the side legnth of a cube. The legnth of a sideis equal to the cube root of its volume. In this case the volume is 125 and the cubed root of 125 is 5. So the legnth of a side is 5. The area of one side of the cube is equal to the width times the height. In this case, the area of the side is 5 times 5, or 25. The surface area is the area of all sides of the cube. The cube has 6 sides, each with an area of 25. So the surface area is 6 times 25 or 150. The reduced equation would be SA = 6 times (Volume to the 2/3 power)

If a cube has a volume of 125 cubic inches what is the surface area of one face?

25 cubic inches

If cube has volume 125 cu cm what is area of each face?

A cube with this volume has a total surface area of 150 cm2. Each of its six sides comprises an area of 25 cm2

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