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1000 ft

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Q: What is the volume of a square prism if each side is ten ft?
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What is the volume of a square prism if each side is 10 feet?

The answer is 1000 feet squared.

Volume of a square prism?

Let x= each side. To find volume, just cube this. Example: if each side equals 8, volume would be 8x8x8= 512

Why is a cube a special prism?

It is a regular hexahedron - a prism with each side being a square.

What is the volume of a square prism with a height of 12 and a base with a side measure of 13?


A rectangular prism has a square base with side length of 5 cm and a height of 7 cm what is the volume of the prism?

The volume of the rectangular prism would mathematically be 175 cm3.

Volume of a square prism formula?

To get a volume of a square prism you need to measure each side like it's a normal 2d shape or you can measure only 3 sides and multiply by 2 since the opposite side is equal. Then you will need to add all the sides together and that is the volume and you need to give the answer im cm with a little tiny 3 at the end standing for cubed (3d)

What is the volume of a square prism whose base is four inches on a side and whose height is three inches?


The length of each side of a square prism is one foot Find the total surface area of this object?

This square prism is a cube with six sides, each having an area of one square foot. Thus, the total surface area is six square feet.

What is the formula for finding volume on any right prism?

by finding the area of the base (ex if a square its side times side) and then multiplying that product by the height :D

Why is a cube consider a prism?

it is a prism, just cut so each side is a square. a prism is basically a shape where 2 ends are identical, but the math teacher says this excludes cylenders, or cans.

In cubic meters how much greater is the volume of a cylinder witgh height 19m and a radius of 16m than the volume of a square prism with height 19m and base 16m on a side?

10) The volume of the cylinder is 19*(π16^2) and the volume of the prism is 19*(16^2). Subtract these to get 10,409 m^3

What is a prism with a pentagon at each side called?

pentagonal prism