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4 and 7

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Q: What two numbers add up to make eleven and multiply together to make twenty eight?
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What two numbers multiply together to give you twenty and add together to give you thirteen?

there are none

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How do you write eleven thousand and TWENTY pounds in numbers?

11,020 pounds.

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ten eleven twulve thurtine fortine fivetine 6tine, sevantine, atetine, neentine, twenty :)

What two numbers multiply to get twenty four and add to get 8?

There are no real numbers that meet that criteria.

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What is the LCM of twenty-nine and twenty-five?

725. To find the LCM, multiply the numbers together then divide by any common factors. In this case, 25 and 29 have no common factors so the answer is simply 25 x 29, which is 725

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Negative eleven plus twenty is positive 9.

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Nine times three equals twenty-seven.

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