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A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

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A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

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Q: What two solid shapes have the same faces 2 more edges and vertics than the other?
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What are the special features of a sphere?

Unlike other shapes,a sphere has 0 faces,edges and vertices

How many faces and edges does an icosahedron have?

It has 20 faces. The number of edges will depend on the exact configuration of the shape. For example, a icosahedron in the form of a prism, with 18-gons as bases, will have 54 edges. On the other hand a pyramid with a 19-gon base will have 38 edges. A bipyramid with a decagon base will have 30 edges. There are very many more possible shapes.

How many faces have parallel edges in an heptagonal based prism?

It has 9 faces It has 21 edges Its end faces are parallel to each other

How many faces and edges does a tirangular prism have?

A triangular prism has five faces and nine edges. Two of the faces are triangular bases and the other three faces are rectangular.

What two different shapes have 6 faces 12 edges and 8 vertices?

One is a cuboid. The other is a shape with two pentagonal shapes that meet along one edge. Along the next edges, one on either side is a triangular face. And on the further two sides of the pentagon are trapezium faces. I am not aware of a name for this shape other than hexahedron, which does not distinguish it from a cuboid.

What are the faces vertices and edges for a triangular prism?

Triangular prisms have two triangular bases (parallel to each other) that are connect by three rectangles. Therefore, it has 5 faces (the flat shapes described earlier), 6 vertices (the corners where more than 2 faces meet), and 9 edges (the segments where only two faces meet).

How many faces edges and corners does an octahedron have?

An octahedron has 8 faces. there are a number of different configurations. A heptagonal pyramid has 14 edges and 8 corners. A hexagonal prism has 18 edges and 12 corners A quadrilateral based dipyramid (two quad based pyramids stuck together) has 12 edges and 6 corners. There are many other possible shapes.

How many faces edges and corners does a rectangle have?

It has 4 faces, 4 corners, and 4 edges, but two edges are different from each other. All the corners are right angles.

How many edges on a retangular prism?

12 4 edges on each end (8 total) where the rectangle side faces meet the square end faces and 4 edges the rectangular faces meet each other.

What is a 3d shape that has rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism is the only shape that is made up from only rectangular faces. But there are countless shapes which contain rectangular faces along with other shapes.

How many edges does cube have?

A cube has:6 faces, each abutting 4 other faces4 vertical edges4 edges on each of the top and bottom faces.

How many faces those a pyramid have?

The most common pyramid shapes have 3 faces on a triangular base or 4 faces on a square face. Other pyramid shapes may have more faces corresponding to the shape of the base.

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