What variable is used for y intercept?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you make x=0 and solve for y. for the x intercept you do y=0 and solve for x

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Q: What variable is used for y intercept?
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How you find the y intercept of y equals 15x?

The y-intercept is whatever number (with no variable) is added onto the end of the equation y=mx+b. In this case b is the y-intercept. In y=15x the y-intercept is 0 because there is no number without a variable on the end.

How do you do the y-intercept formula?

The y-intercept is when your Y variable crosses one of the two y axis's. Most of the time, the Y-axis is the starting point.

What is the y intercept of the equations y equals 1.5x-4.5?


What does the y-intercept represent in a linear regression equation?

It represents the value of the y variable when the x variable is zero.

What is the y-intercept of the line 2x - 3y equals 15?

The y-intercept is -5. 2x - 3y = 15 -3y = -2x + 15 y = 2/3x - 5 the y-intercept is the number in slope intercept form that does not have a variable, the minus sign makes the intercept negative.

Solve the eqaution of a straight line with a positive slope of 2 and a positive intercept of 2 where y is the dependent variable and the variable x is the nonindependent variable?

y = 2x + 2

What does K represent in Math?

K can be a variable, it is commonly a variable in the quadratic equation y=a(x-h)2+k K is the y-intercept.

In the linear equation is the variable for the y intercept b or c ie y equals mx plus b or y equals mx plus b?

in the equation: y=mx+b , the y-intercept is represented by "b".

How can you find the y intercept of the graph of a linear equation?

At a y-intercept, the graph touches the y-axis, meaning the value of x is 0. So, in any linear equation, simply set x equal to 0 and solve for y. In the slope-intercept form of a linear equation (y = mx + b), the y-intercept value is represented by the variable b.

How do you rewrite and solve for y 2x less than y plus 7?

your equation is this... 2x < y + 7 Now solve for y... 2x - 7 < y Since you have two variable the most you can get out of (y) is the graph and the y-intercept. the y-intercept is y > -7

What does the equation for a linear relationship stand for?

y=mx+b is the equation for a linear relationship. y= the dependant variable m= the slope of the line x= the independent variable b= the y-intercept

If you knew that the vertical intercept for a straight line was 15 that the slope was -.5 and that the independent variable (horizontal axis) had a value of 8 the value of the dependent variable would?

y = slope × x + intercept → y = -0.5x + 15 → y = -0.5 × 8 + 15 = -4 + 15 = 11