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Bulbs in a parallel circuit draw the same amount of current, so each will display the same brightness. Bulbs in a series circuit share the current so all bulbs will appear dimmer.

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Q: Which circuit has brighter bulb side by side?
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What happens to a bulb when you move it closer to a battery on a circuit?

The bulb will get brighter

If Greater resistance is put into a circuit the brighter the bulb?


What will happen to a bulb if you add more batteries to a simple circuit?

It gets brighter and brighter - until it burns out.

How can you make a bulb in a circuit brighter?

you can make it brighter by adding another battery/cell

If you add an extra battery to a circuit containing a bulb how will this affect the bulb?

The bulb becomes brighter unless it is too much till it shot-circuits.

Does a bulb get brighter the shorter the wire?

The Shorter the wire the brighter the bulb ! Because if it is short then it get brighter and the more batterie the brighter the bulb ! Or the lower voltage the brighter the bulb !

What would be different if only one light bulb were wired in this circuit instead of two?

I you wired a light bulb in to the same circuit you have the possibility of over loading the circuit but other than that it would just be brighter.

Does anything happen to the brightness of the bulb when you add an extra battery to a simple circuit?

We did this experiment in class, the more batteries added, the brighter the bulb will become!

What happens if one bulb burns out on a parallel circuit?

The remaining bulb will be brighter than it was when both bulbs were working - due to the increased voltage.

Is a parallel circuit brighter than a series circuit?

Both are same. Only thing it depends upon the incoming voltage. In series ciruity if one bulb fails, the ciruit continuity breaks . In case of paraleel circuit even if one bulb fails the circuit continuity will not get affected

What will happen after you make an Electric Circuit?

If you connect the circuit properly the bulb should light up. That means attaching the left side of the battery to the right side of the bulb using a wire and attaching the right side of the battery to the left side of the bulb. If you do that the your bulb should turn on. If it doesn't then try changing the battery or the bulb.

How to Find the burn out light bulb on parallel series?

A burned out light bulb has high resistance - it is open - so, in a series circuit, it will have full supply voltage across it while the other bulbs in the circuit have zero volts. In a parallel circuit, just look and see which bulb is not lit.If you are talking about Christmas tree lights, however, they are generally designed to short out when they burn out, so that bulb goes dark while the others stay lit, even in a series circuit. The down side of that design is that the remaining bulbs will get brighter and hotter, and they will tend to burn out faster.