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x = 12 y = 2

(12,2) satifies the equation

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Q: Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation 2x-3y equals 18?
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What is the slope of line with the equation 2x 3y plus 6 equals 0?

Put the equation in this form: y=mx+b. Then m will be the slope. 2x3y+6=0 2x3y=-6 3y=-6/2x y=-2/2x y=-1/x This equation does not describe a straight line, but rather, it describes a curve.

How do you factor this. x2y2 plus 2x3y?

x^2y(2x + y)

What is the simplified form of 2x3y-32x-1y3?

The expression cannot be simplified.

What is the LCM of 2x5y and 4x3y2?

The LCM of 2x5y and 4x3y2 is 4x5x3y2 = 60xy2.

What is this factor completely 2x3y 18xy - 10x2y - 90y?

2y(x - 5)(x^2 + 9)

What is 648 divisible by?

since 648 = 2334 648 is divisible by any number that is 2x3y where x is between 0 and 3 and y is between 0 and 4. that gives you 20 possible answers.

What number is the prime factor of 65 and 104?

The smallest prime factor of 65 is 5. 5 X 13.

How you be sure you get all the factors for a number?

There are ways, but not easy ones.The simpler is to go, very systematically, through all numbers from 2 to the number that you are trying to factorise. Skip numbers only if THEIR factors are not factors of your number.The other is to use prime factorisation. Any number can be broken down into a unit set of factors, some of which may feature more than once.For example, suppose your number is 72. Its prime factorisation is72 = 2*2*2*3*3 = 23*32Here you have 2 different prime factors, the first (= 2) appears 3 times and the second (= 3) appears twice. Remember that 2 and 21 are the same.Calculate all numbers of the form 2x3y where x = 0,1,2,3 and y = 0,1,2. The indices x and y go from 0 to the number of times the prime appears in the factorisation. This set of numbers, 2x3y, will be a complete list of all the factors of your number.

What is the definition of polynomials?

adj.Of, relating to, or consisting of more than two names or terms.n.A taxonomic designation consisting of more than two terms.Mathematics. An algebraic expression consisting of one or more summed terms, each term consisting of a constant multiplier and one or more variables raised to integral powers. For example, x2 − 5x + 6 and 2p3q + y are polynomials. Also called multinomial.An expression of two or more terms.