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William Rowan Hamilton invented or discovered Linear equation. Which these equation describe mechanics in three dimensional space.

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Q: Who discovered linear equation?
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Who discovered linear equations?

View all Sir William Rowan Hamilton invented the linear equation in 1843.

Who discovered the systems of linear equation?

The history of linear algebra begins with Leibniz in 1693 who studied determinants. In 1750, Cramer invented a rule (Cramer's rule) for solving linear systems.

Is a linear equation the same as a function?

No a linear equation are not the same as a linear function. The linear function is written as Ax+By=C. The linear equation is f{x}=m+b.

What is 306g is equal too 22.5?

It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.

How do you figure out if an equation is a linear equation?

An equation is linear if the highest power of the unknown in the equation is 1for example an equation with just a variable to the power one such as x, y and so on is linear but one with x2, y2 and above is not linear

Why are linear equation named linear equation?

Y = 5X - 3It form a linear function; a line.

What are the zeros of a linear equation?

A linear equation can have only one zero and that is the value of the variable for which the equation is true.

Is the equation 3s equals 2t linear or nonlinear?

A linear equation has no higher powers than 1. This is linear.

Is this equation linear or nonlinear y0?

linear (A+)

What is the graph of a linear equation?

Linear graph

What is a first degree equation?

a linear equation

What is the name of an equation of a line?

It is a linear equation.

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