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All bisectors intersect the line segment at the midpoint. There can be multiple bisectors, intersecting at the midpoint at different angles, but they all intersect the line segment at its midpoint. The midpoint separates the line segment into two equal halves.

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Q: Why a line segment has only one midpoint but can have many bisectors?
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Explain why a line segment can have one midpoint but many bisectors

Why does a line segment have one midpoint and can have many bisectors?

A bisector is a line (or line segment) which passes through the midpoint. You can have multiple lines intersect at this one point, and all of them will bisect the original line segment, since they pass through its midpoint. A perpendicular bisector passes through the midpoint, and also is perpendicular to the original line segment, so there will be only one of those.

How many bisectors can a line segment have?


How many perpendicular bisectors can a line segment have?

Only one.

How many midpoints does a line segment contain?

it depends on how long or how many joining segments it has. normally one line segment contains only one midpoint. Unless it has a joining segment there is only one midpoint.

How many perpindicuar bisectors can a line segment have?

Since there is no such word as "perpindicuar", it is difficult to be sure. A line segment can have only one perpendicular bisector.

How many perpendicular bisectors can be constructed for a line segment?

Exactly one. No more, no less.

How many midpoints can a line segment contain?

infinitely many * * * * * No. There can be only one midpoint.

Does a line segment have many bisectors?

no-- It only has one. Since it is a segment, it has a definite start and end, so it has only one middle (the bisector).

How many bisectors are in a segment?

Infinitely many. Each line segment contains one point which bisects it. Any one of the infinite lines through that point, apart from the original line, is a bisector.

Every segment has how many perpendicular bisectors?


How many segment bisectors can a segment have?

One ! The word 'bisect' means to cut in two !