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Anything with the fish is ideal because itss the symbol of Christ

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Q: Why fisher's index number is called ideal?
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What is Fisher's ideal index?

AnswerThe geometric mean of Laspeyre's and Paasche's price indices is called Fisher's price index.

Why fisher index is the ideal index?

becaused it is exact

What is index number?

what is index number

How does the body mass index calculate ideal weight?

I would say that , by knowing your Body Mass Index, you could see which is the typical Body Mass Index for you age and height. That could help you compare you Body Mass Index , with the average Body Mass Index to calculate your ideal weight.

What the uses of index number in index index?

uses of index

How can you get your ideal weight?

to get your BMI or Body Mass Index use the equation Number=704xweight(in lbs)/height in inches squared a healthy number is between 19 and 25

Why are index number called ecnomic barometer?

Index number are not called economic barometer. Some, but by no means all, economic variables are represented in index form to simplify comparisons over time. Since these may be considered as giving a picture of the economic outlook, they are sometimes called economic barometers.

Why did scientists use trilobites as index fossils?

Trilobites were rapidly evolving and widespread organisms, making them ideal index fossils.

Ideal body mass index per height?

The ideal body mass index (BMI) for adults is between 18.5 & 24.9 To figure out what this means for you, try using a BMI calculator or table such as the one below.

Disadvantages of index number?

disadvantages of index numbers

What is the ideal weight for a 22 yr old?

It depends on your height. A BMI (Body mass index) is a number calculated from both weight and height. You then compare the number to a table to see how far you are from your ideal weight. Just search for "BMI calculator" and something useful should come up

What is the root of a number?

The root of a number is any number that when multiplied by a certain number of times, it becomes the original number. The number of times the root has to be multiplied is called the index of the radical. The number that it becomes after it is multiplied is called the radicand. If the index is equal to x, and the radicand is equal to y, then the root can be expressed by " y to the (1/x)th power", or "y1/x".

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