Write an equation for undefined slope?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The equation of a line with an undefined slope is x = a.

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Q: Write an equation for undefined slope?
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How do you write an equation with and undefined slope?

Any vertical line has an undefined slope. The equation of the vertical line is x = a where the x-intercept is a.

How do you write an equation in slope inercept form if there is no slope?

you say undefined

How do you make an equation with an undefined slope?

undefined slope is vertical. the equation of a vertical line is x=a , where a is the x intercept

How do you write an undefined slope in slope intercept form?

You don't, because it is undefined.

What is the equation of the line with an undefined slope passing through the point 2 5?

If the slope is undefined, it is a vertical line. Therefore the equation is x=2.

If the equation of a line has an undefined slope and passes through the point 1 3 which form would be used to write the equation of the line?

x = 1 (the line intersects the x-axis at 1, and is parallel to the y-axis)We cannot write the equation on the Slope-intercept form, since the slope of the line is undefined. 1 is the x-coordinate of any point on the given line.

How do write an equation for a slope?

Given two points, P = (a,b) and Q = (c,d) then provided a ≠ c, slope = (d - b)/(c - a). If a = c then the slope is undefined.

Why can't all linear equations be written using point slope?

Because of undefined slope, because undefined slope does not have a slope it doesn't have anything to substitute for m in the point slope equation.

What is the equation of a horizontal and a vertical line using standard slope form?

We usually denote the slope of a line as M. Horizontal lines have a slope of zero. Mhorizontal line = 0 Verticle lines have a slope that is undefined. Note that the slope is not infinite, but is undefined. Mvertical line = undefined To write the equation of a horizontal or vertical line, we need to know if it's going to be a slope-intercept form or a point-slope form.

How do you write an equation if the slope is undefined?

Undefined slopes belong to lines that are vertical. These lines do not cross the y-axis, but do cross the x-axis. Therefore, the equation for these lines are always: x = # (where # is the value at which the line is crossing the x-axis).

what- Find the slope of the given line, or write undefined.?


Why can you use the point-slope formula when writing an equation of a horizontal line but not with a vertical line?

A vertical line HAS NO slope! The slope is undefined in this case.