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A car might stall when shifting from park to reverse if the idle is set too low. It is also possible that the engine stalls because it is not fully warmed up before shifting from park to reverse.

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Q: Why would a car stall shifting from park to reverse?
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Why would an engine seem to almost stall when put in reverse but idle fine in park engine is 94 351 windsor?

Why would it stall or almost stall in Reverse but not in Drive? How long since it's received a tune-up and thorough check-up? How is the compression?

What would cause a turbo 350 trans To go into reverse only no forward gear linkage is shifting?

Is there park and nurtural?

Why would your 1995 Buick run in park neutral and drive in reverse but stall when put in drive?

* cause it needs to be put in drive to go forward

Why would a 1996 grand am engine stall?

does my 1996 pontiac ga stall out in park

Why does 95 dodge ram 1500 360 4x4 stall when shifting out of park very rarely 3 times in 5 months it will start and idle fine then will shift into reverse or drive but then sputter and die?

There may be a problem with the oxygen sensor that would cause this issue. There may also be a problem with the idle arm censor as well.

Problem shifting into park on ford 2000 Ford F-250 super duty?

Are you having trouble shifting out of park? Would it be a bad solenoid/tranny?

I have to shift from park to drive then to reverse to get reverse to work in my 95 diamante why is this?

The shifting in your 95 Dimante should work properly. If it is not, there is probably a gear out and you will need some transmission work done.

Why would be vw diesel not go into reverse sometimes?

Before there can be an answer, need to know transmission type; 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic? If its the manual, its the clutch takeup cable. The shifter should have a button or detent to push in order to move it into Reverse. Its most likely loose. If its the automatic, its most likely the brake sensor that must be engaged prior to shifting from Park. Driver must fully engage the foot brake prior to shifting from Park to Reverse and from Drive to Reverse. Most likely replacement of part will fix issue.

Why does 93 Mazda mx6 stall when put in drive or reverse ive driven it for almost 4 months then all the sudden this its fine when its in drive or neutral but if i put it in park or drive it dies?

It might be a problem with your transmission because not all mx6's stall when you put it in drive or reverse.

When shifting from park to reverse or drive your 1998 Sebring automatic V6 makes a springing sound Is this a transmission nearing failure?

I'm stumped. Can you help answer this question? This a normal sound for the Sebring, I've had two and they both make that sound when shifting form park to drive. No tranny problems.

What could be preventing a 99 Isuzu Rodeo from being able to shift into park or reverse?

Bent shifter rod,Frayed cable,obstruction in shifting path

Why does the Trans jerk when shifting from park to reverse on 95 aurora what could be the problem?

Bad powertrain mount or worn CV joint or high idle speed or torque converter problem.