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I think a pentagram has to fit inside a perfect circle, but if that means that it has to have even sides I'm not sure.

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Q: Does a pentagram have to have even sides?
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Does a pentagram have 5 sides?

A pentagram is a five pointed star. A pentagon in a five sided polygon.

Which shape could never have parallel sides?

A pentagram.

How many more sides does a pentagon have than a parallelogram?

Pentagram has 5 sides A parallelogram has 4 (2 opposing sides parallel to eachother)

What is the name for a 10 sided star?

A pentagram. Each of the five point has two sides.

Why in a druids amulet is the pentagram upsidedown?

point up pentagram = masculine, energy going out point down pentagram = feminine, energy going in. Christianity makes everyone scared of everything. Neither one of them is "evil." They are just 2 sides of the same whole.

What is the name a shap with five sides?

pentagram______The above is incorrect. A pentagram is the star-shaped thing made up of 5 lines. A closed shape with five sides is a pentagon.

How many sides and verticals does a star have?

A star has 10 sides and 5 vertices but if it's a decagonal star then 20 sides (10 for the star and 10 for the star) and 10 vertices (for the decagon in the middle, hence decagonal star). But, if it's pentagram star then 10 sides and 10 vertices.

How many points are on a pentagram?

A pentagram has five points.

How many vertices does a pentagram have?

A pentagram has five vertives.

When was Pentagram - band - created?

Pentagram - band - was created in 1971.

What word is spelled around the pentagram?

It depends on what the purpose of the pentacle or pentagram is for.

A pentagram is a how many pointed star?

A pentagram has five points or vertices.