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no, the 16th century begins with the year 1500 and ends with the year 1599. the year 1600 begins the 17th century.

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Q: Does the year 1600 also mean the 16th century?
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What is mean by 1600 hrs?

It means 4pm. It is 1600 because it counts as the 16th hour of the day

What does quene mean?

Quene is how they spelt Queen in the 16th century!

What does c17th mean?

The seventeenth Century (ie 1600 to 1699). People use the little c for century

What is a innmorati?

If you mean innamorati, Italian for The Lovers, they were stock theatre characters at the beginning of the 16th Century

What does dompe mean?

A dompe was a 16th century english dance. 'My Lady Carey's Dompe' a short anonymous musical piece for solo harpsichord or lute has survived from the mid 16th century and is an example of the dance music.

What does it mean to be puritanism?

To be puritanism is to be a group of English Protests that form in the 16th century to bring religious reform.

Does 1600s mean 16th century?

No. The 1600s is a decade (in fact 1601-1610), and is the first decade of the 17th century.The 16th century is the years 1501-1600. This is because there is no year 0 in the common calendar, so the first century begins in the year 1 AD/CE. Add 1500 and fifteen respectively, and the 16th century starts in 1501. That's how to remember it.Sometimes historians (especially in economic history) speak of a "long sixteenth century" spanning c.1470-1620 (or c.1470-1640),a period distinguished by growing population, rising prices, economic resurgence and the strengthening of national monarchies in Europe and coming between the late medieval crisis (1315-1470) and the "seventeenth-century crisis" (1620/40-1740).

How do you spell Aharonim in Hebrew?

If you mean Akhronim, the leading rabbis and living from about the 16th century to the present, it's אחרונים

What does it mean when a person says i am joy then starts talking with accent from the 16th century?

It means they have mental problems and should seek help

Who is the leader of the ilumanarti?

If you mean illuminati, they are people who claim to have a clear understanding or knowledge of something. In the 16th century, there were a group of Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment. There was also a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776

What is known as first century?

If I understood your question correctly, first century is the period between 0 - 99 A.D. and 100 A.D. being the beginning of the 2nd century. So when someone tells you, for example, that invention X was created in the 16th century...they mean 1500s A.D.

When was the royal navy created?

It depends on exactly what you mean. There have been British/ English naval forces since the 10th century, but they were organised and administered as the newly-named Royal Navy by Henry VIII in the 16th century.