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If there is one bird bath and a male bird takes his bath there at night and the female bird takes her bath there in the morning then they will never meet. c:

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Q: Example of temporal isolation
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Give you a sentence using the word temporal Isolation?

Temporal isolation is genetic isolation achieved due to temporal differences in breeding

What is temporal isolation?

isolation due to population groups reproducing at different times.

How is time a factor in temporal isolation?

Temporal isolation is a prezygotic constraints. Two species that breed at different times of the day, season, or year cannot mix their gametes. Since the breeding times are different there is no chance of reproductive contact. This keeps different species separate.

What type of isolation occur when the timing of reproduction is different between two populations?

Temporal My Boy !

What are three ways isolation occur?

1. When new species form.2. When a group is separated from the rest of its species.3. When members of the isolated group can no longer mate with the rest of species.

Seasonal daily monthly all describe isolation that can be termed what?


What are the types of isolation the can lead to speciation?

reproductive, behavioral, geographic, and temporal

What is it called when two species reproduce at different times?

Temporal Isolation

When two species reproduce at different times what is this situation called?

Temporal Isolation

What is the name for a type of isolation that prevents species from interbreeding?

there are six types which are below: 1. geographical isolation 2. ecological (habitat) isolation 3. behavioral (ethological) isolation 4. temporal isolation 5. structural (mechanical) isolation 6. gamete mortality (gamete isolation)

What type of isolation occurs when the timing of reproduction is different between two populations?

Temporal My Boy !

What are three types of reproductive isolations?

The three types of reproductive isolation are: 1. Temporal isolation: different times of reproduction 2. Behavioral isolation: different habits of the same species 3. Geographical isolation: species are separated by natural barriers