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Q: How many leap years are in a millennium?
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How many seconds in a millennium with leap years?

There is 3 175 200 000 seconds in a millennium with leap years.

How many leap years in a millennium?

242.5 average

How many seconds in a Millennium?

1 millennium = 3,174,508,800 or 3,174,422,400 including leap years

How many days are there in a millennium if there are 250 leap years during that time?


How many seconds minutes days weeks years in a millennium?

This all depends on how many leap years are in the millenium.

How many days are in 10 decades?

Each year has 365 days, with every fourth year has an extra 'leap day,' so on average, each year would have 365.25 days:(365 +365 + 365 + 366)/4 = 365.25The Leap Years are years divisible by 4. But every 'century year' is not a leap year,with the exception of the Millennium yearsAn example using only the years divisible by four:1896 Leap Year1900 Not Leap Year (this is a century year)1904 Leap Year. . .1996 Leap Year2000 Leap Year (this is a millennium year)2004 Leap Year2008 Leap Yearetc.So if the 10 decades (100 years) includes a millennium year (for example 1901-2000), then the answer is 36525 days.But if the 10 decades (100 years) does not include a millennium year (for example 1891-1990), then the answer is 36524 days.

How many milliseconds in a melenium?

Not sure about a melenium - whatever that is, but there are approx 31557600000000 milliseconds in a millennium. The exact number depends on how many leap years there were in the interval and on whether or not there were any leap seconds.

How many years in a millennium?

There are 1,000 years in a millennium.1000 years is called as a millennium.

How many years millennium?

A millennium is 1,000 years

How many years are their in a millennium?

there are one thousandth of years in a millennium.

1. how many years are there in a millennium?

There are a 1,000 years in a millennium

How many years are there millennium?

A millennium is one thousand years.