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In order to do this we should use an example such as this:


In order to solve this, we would need to find the solution to (8^4+2a)(16^a-1)

Whenever multiplying two powers and the bases are different, we always want to make the bases the same. We cannot do anything to this equation until the bases are the same, so the equation becomes

(8^4+2a)(16^a-1)-------> (2^3)^4+2a · (2^4)^a-1

Next we multiply the exponent inside with the exponents outside of each pair of brackets and we get 2^12+6a · 2^-4+4a

We have now made the bases the same! And our solution is 2^8+10a

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Q: Multiply power with different base
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What is the rule for multiply numbers with the same base but different exponents?

base x base result x Exponent

How do you convert base 2 to base 10?

Multiply the base by square root of 10 to the 4th power then divide by 2! (factorial) times 10!

When an exponent to a power is multiplied by an exponent is to a different power do you multiply the powers together?

No, you add the powers together.

What does the product rule of exponents?

When a base is raised to a power inside a quantity , multiply the two exponents to solve.

Integral of 3 raised to x?

The integral of 3x is ln(3)*3x. Take the natural log of the base and multiply it by the base raised to the power.

What is the base number of an exponent?

The base number of an exponant is the number that you are multiplying by. For example, 5 to the power of 2. multiply 5 by itself 2 times.

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What does the product rule of exponents say?

When a base is raised to a power inside a quantity , multiply the two exponents to solve.

If the base are different and powers are same in a equation then can the power be canceled?


A what is a product with a repeated factor?

You take the base number and multiply by how many of the exponates Exsample : 5 to the 3rd power is 5x5x5

What does base and exponet mean?

Base and exponent are the two parts of a power. The base is the lower left, normal-sized, number. The exponent is the upper-right, small (i.e., superscript) number. For example, in: 34 3 is the base, 4 is the exponent. In the simplest case, a power specifies a repeated multiplication. The base tells you what number to multiply by itself, the exponent tells you how many times to multiply it. Thus, 34 = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 (that is, multiply 3 by itself, using the number 4 times as a factor)

Rule for taking a power to a power?

The Power of a Power Rule states that that may you multiply the exponents together and keep the base number unchanged. So b to the 5th power times the 5th power would equal b to the 25th power.