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Those are examples of questions.

Those are examples of questions.

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Q: What bakugan marbles does famous battle brawler jaden mayfeild use?
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What are the resistance in Bakugan?

The Bakugan Battle Brawler Resistance is a group of brawlers that are fighting to free the Bakugan.

What are the release dates for Bakugan Battle Brawlers Gundalian Invaders - 2010 Brawler to Be 1-4?

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Gundalian Invaders - 2010 Brawler to Be 1-4 was released on: USA: 19 June 2010

How can you battle MasterLuke the best brawler in the world?

you can go to a city in Canada for the Bakugan Ultimate Battle Tour because he will be there.

Who is the top brawler at bakugan battle league Haywood SC?

Ryan Myers aka Rynodog

What is a special treatment for a Bakugan battle brawler?

special treatment for a bakugan means a bakugan that you really like and keep save for e.g preyas is my special treated bakugan hope this helped. thank you.

Who is the top ranked aquas bakugan battle brawler?

Well, I have an Aquas trap Bakugan at 850gs that kind of looks like Siege, but there could be stonger. And you know the card called High Energy in the Bakugan rulebook that they talk about(write about), it came with this Bakugan.

If a Bakugan toy has no gs how strong is it?

Why it's quite easy Brawler, If the Bakugan is abnormally large (smaller than Deka, but bigger than a normal ball) and it has no gs, it is fake. Possibly, you are in possesion of a special Vexos Bakugan that automatically wins any battle. Do these even exist? Find out.

Im a strong Brawler I brawl with subterra you want to battle?

yes I'm the 25th best brawler in aamerica 14th best darkus brawler and 5th best brawler in Mississippi. So hotshot you still want to battle!!! Now go to my website (Note My strongest bakugan has 680 g's but with my combination of abilitys he can get up to 1700 g's.) You are wrong I brawl with subterra im the best brawler in the pacific (counting nz and australia) my best has 720 G I can get it up to 2750 G in fact I would only need 2 bakugan to beat you my 720 G preyas ii subterra and also my 700G clayF subterra

How do you get your Bakugan battle gear code on the Bakugan website?

battle gear

In Bakugan who is Masquerade?

he is a mysterious darkus brawler and wears a mask. he has yellow spiky hair and used to battle with a darkus reaper but he sent him to the doom dimension because naga gave him another bakugan called hydranoid. also his true identedy is Alice one of the six battle brawlers aliss

Bakugan Battle Trainer have all of the Bakugan code?

there are no cheats for battle trainer

What season is after bakugan battle brawlers?

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestoria