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It is no different than on any other 3D figures. A face is a surface forming part of the outside of an object, such as "he examined all faces of the crystal." On a triangular prism, there are 5 faces. Two triangular faces on opposite ends, and thin 3 rectangular faces to connect them. To see what a triangular prism looks like, just Google it on googleimages. ! :) :) :)

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Q: What is a face on a triangular prism?
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What is the formula for the lateral area of a triangular prism?

Length of prism * perimeter of triangular face.

What shape has no triangular face?

A cuboid prism has no triangular faces

What shape has a triangle as a face?

Triangular Prism, Triangular Pyramid.

Does a triangular prism have a perpendicular face?

yes a triangular prism has got 1 perpendicular face, at the base.

How is a triangular prismdiffrent from a triangular pyramid?

a triangular pyramid is a triangular prism but it doesn't work vise-versa. The prism needs a minimum of 1 triangle face but it can have more.A pyramid can only have one triangular face.

Does a triangular prism have a flat face or a curved face?


How many sides on the end face of a triangular prism?

The end of a triangular prism is a triangle, which by definition has 3 sides.

Need name of a 3D shape with 2 triangular face?

It is a triangular prism

What figure has two triangular faces and three rectangular face?

Triangular prism

What shape is a lateral face on a triangular prism?


Can a lateral face of a prism be a triangular region?


What 3-D figure has 9 edges?