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It is called a constant term. It is number only and contains no variables

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Q: What is a term that is a number only?
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What does simplest term mean?

Breaking the number down and getting the smallest number you can get. You can only do this with Fractions

Is there a proper mathematical term for a number having only 3 factors?

no i do not

What is the nth term for 03815243548?

Not enough information, there is only one number.

What is a term number?

Term number: A number that tells the position of a term in a pattern

What does prime number mean in math term?

A prime number is a number that can only be equally divided by 2 integers 1 and itself

What does the term prime number mean?

A prime number is a positive integer that has only two factors: one and itself.

Is 37.5 a prime number?

No. The term prime number only applies to integers, such as 37 or 38. 37.5 is not an integer.

How do you work out 50th term of a number?

A number is a single term so there cannot be a 50th term for a number.

Can a constant in a math equation be a negative?

In a mathematical equation, the constant is defined as a term in the equation that only includes a real number. Since a negative number is a real number, then yes, a negative number can be considered a constant. For example, in the equation 6x -2... -2 would be the constant because it is a term that contains only the real number (-2).

The number in a term?

The number part in a term is often called the "coefficient".The number part in a term is often called the "coefficient".The number part in a term is often called the "coefficient".The number part in a term is often called the "coefficient".

What is the number 2000 in terms of one significant term?

2000 only has one significant digit.

What is the name for the idea that a member of Congress can only be elected a certain number of times?

Term limits

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