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Exponentiation first, multiplication and division second, addition and subtraction last unless the order is altered by using parenthesis.

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Q: What is the order of precedence?
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What is order of precedence in computer?

Order of precedence is the priority of various operators in an expression, not overridden by parentheses.

What is temporal precedence?

Temporal precedence refers to an order of events. If something has temporal precedence, it precedes the event and is not the cause.

What is the precedence level of arithmetic operators?

The order of precedence is as follows:Parenthesis (expressions within brackets)Exponents (powers)Division & multiplicationAddition & subtractionOperations with equal precedence are calculated in left-to-right order.

Where do you put the governor's representative in the order of precedence?

The Governor's Representative assumes the Governor's position in the order of precedence (he or she is representing, not acting as the Governor).

In Excel order of precedence determines?

The order in which calculations are preformed

Why is order of precedence important when solving a problem?

the order will impact the answer

In Excel order of precedence detemines what?

The order in which Excel will perform calculations.

What Is a set of predefined rules used to determine the sequence in which operators are applied in a calculation?

the order of precedence This answer is incorrect and I was graded as being wrong on an Excel exam for not defining it as Order of Operations. Though technically that is what order of operations is and a set of Excel online Flashcards had the same answer being Order of Precedence. Precedence Order is more commanly called Order of Operations, I do believe

What is the order of precedence with regard to the operator used in embedded C program?

Operator precedence in embedded C is exactly the same as in standard C.

How can you overrule the precedence given by c?

You cannot overrule precedence in C, however you can use the rules of precedence themselves to dictate the order of evaluation. Parenthesis has the highest precedence therefore you can use them to change the order of evaluation. Consider the following function: void foo (int x, int y, int z) { int a, b; a = x + y * z; b = (x + y) * z; } Multiplication has a higher precedence than addition so given the values x=2, y=3 and z=4, the value of a will be 14. Parenthesis has a higher precedence than multiplication so given the same values, the value of b will be 20. Note that you haven't actually overruled precedence, you've simply used the rules of precedence themselves to dictate the order of evaluation.

What is order of precedence of combat action badge and aviator wings?

The CAB and CIB are class one badges and are of higher precedence than any other badges.

What order are military ribbons mounted?

US Military ribbons are displayed using "Order of Precedence". The highest award is first, the next highest second, and so on. There are any number of websites available to show the proper order. Just websearch something like: US Military awards Order of Precedence.