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One percent is one per hundred, or 100. The one was turned into a slash, and the zeros were put on opposite sides of the slash, creating the %.

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Q: What is the origin of the percent sign?
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How is the percent sign read?

Percent sign (%) is read as percent.

What is the sign for percent?

% This is the sign for a percent. Shift+5

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What is percent abbreviated as?

Percent is abbreviated pct. or the sign %

How do you multiply 6.5 percent with out the percent sign?

To multiply 6.5 percent without the percent sign, you can divide the percent value by 100. Therefore, multiplying 6.5 percent is the same as multiplying 0.065.

What is the proper placement of the percent sign when providing a range?

The proper place to put a percent sign in a range is as follows: 40-60% The percent sign is not used after both ranges (40 and 60) when ranges are used. However, when a percentage range is not being described, such as 40 percent, it is acceptable to place the percent sign immediately following the digits (60 percent; 60%), or a space may be used between the digits and the sign (60 %).

Who designed peso sign?

The peso sign might have simply evolved out of the Peso Fuerte which was written as "PF". Here is an article on the origin of the Peso sign:

Is a percentage follows a percent sign?

No. Normally it is the percentage sign that follows. For example, five percent would be 5% (not %5).

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How do you change 2.32 into percent?

Just add the percent sign. (2.32%)

What is 04 as percent sign?