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1. the reliability of data 2. the suitability of data
3. adequacy of data

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Q: What precautions are necessary before making use of secondary data?
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How many years before the Declaration was written did America ask to be a part of the law making process?

Ten years

What were two peaceful approaches the colonists took before drafting the Declaration of Independence?

The first peaceful approach the colonists took before drafting the Declaration of Independence was holding the First Continental Congress to make requests to stop the taxations the king was making. The second peaceful approach was making and sending an Olive Branch Petition to the king, which he didn't care for, therefore bringing forth the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

Congress has the power to make all laws that are this?

The U.S. Congress has the power to make all laws that are considered 'necessary and proper.' This was established in 1819 in the case McCulloch v. Maryland.

Ask us statement best summarizes the inaccuracy contained in this description of the Supreme Court's decision-making process?

Justices write opinions after the verdict has been determined, not before public arguments.

What was the goal of the war powers resolution?

17. it was meant to check the President's power to taking war-making initiative without consent from Congress .Required for the president to:1. Consult with Congress before introducing US troops into hostilities2. Report to Congress any commitment of forces within 48 hours3. Terminate use of forces within 60 days if Congress does not declare war, extend the period by law, or is unable to meet (President may extend to 90 days if necessary)

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Why is comparing examples necessary before making a generalization?

you need to include all of the details in making your generalization

Are geese secondary consumers?

Ducks are both primary and secondary consumers. They eat plats, making them primary. They also eat animals that eat plants, making them secondary. To answer the question, secondary.

What precautions must be taken while using Secondary Data?

What are the Precautions you must take while using Secondary Data? The investigator should take precautions before using the secondary data. In this connection, following precautions should be taken into account. 1. Suitable Purpose of Investigation: The investigator must ensure that the data are suitable for the purpose of enquiry. 2. Inadequate Data: Adequacy of the data is to be judged in the light of the requirements of the survey as well as the geographical area covered by the available data. 3. Definition of Units: The investigator must ensure that the definitions of units which are used by him are the same as in the earlier investigation. 4. Degree of Accuracy: The investigator should keep in mind the degree accuracy maintained by each investigator. 5. Time and Condition of Collection of Facts: It should be ascertained before making use of available data to which period and conditions, the data was collected. 6. Comparison: Investigator should keep in mind whether the secondary data' reasonable, consistent and comparable. 7. Test Checking: The use of the secondary data must do test checking and see that totals and rates have been correctly calculated. 8. Homogeneous Conditions: It is not safe to take published statistics at their face value without knowing their means, values and limitations.

Why is it necessary to classify economic activities into primary secondary and tertiary sector Explain?

Its not relly necessary, but it helps organize and make sense of everything. Primary industry is the extraction of raw materials such as coal or lumber. Secondary industry is manufacturing or making the raw material into a usable product. Tertiary industry is the service industry (what most jobs fall into in advanced nations.)

How are the carbon nitrogen and oxygen cycle necessary for life?

carbon is necessary for making all organic chemicalsnitrogen is necessary for making proteinoxygen is necessary for aerobic respiration

Why are science safety rules important?

Science Safety Rules, such as WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) are important because, as the name suggests, they help keep you safe by making you take necessary precautions to avoid injury when conducting an experiment.

Is it necessary to have enema before endoscopy?

Yes, as this will clean out the intestines making it easier to see if there are any unsual growths..polyps or anything that shouldn't be there.

Gather as much reliable information as possible before making a decision?

Organization gathering information before making a decision is to look into all the possible risks and opportunities associated with that decision. It is very important to gather reliable information to secure a company from an ordeal. Information can be gathered from primary and secondary sources.

Why is necessary to obtain permission from the the person called when making collect calls?

why is it necessary to obtain permission from the person called when making collect calls

What is Resurrection Catholic Secondary School's motto?

Resurrection Catholic Secondary School's motto is 'Learning, Growing, Building. Making a Difference.'.

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Is film-making secondary or tertiary industry?

Filmmaking is a primary industry.