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Babbage machine gave the birth to reserch in the field of computer and that is why. the modren computer are largely based on the principle develops by the Charles Babbage

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Charles Babbage only found the computer.He made the Difference and Analytical engines that now run the computer.Just the thing is that now they are very small.

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because i said soo hahahahahahaha YA

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Q: Why is Charles Babbage called the Father of computer?
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Who is called grandfather of computer?

Charles babbage was the grand father of computer

Who was called as father of computer?

Alan Turing is considered by many to be the "father" of the modern computer because of his work in breaking the Enigma codes during WW2. (Alan Turing - The Enigma of Intelligence by Andrew Hodges 1983)

Who is the consider father of modern digital computer?

Alan Turing has been called the "father of Computer Science", having laid part of the theoretical foundations of the discipline. The epithet "father of the computer" has been variously applied to Charles Babbage, Konrad Zuse, John Atanasoff, John von Neumann, and others, to the point that the phrase no longer has any significance.

Who is called as Father of Computers''?

Charles Babbage

Why is Charles Babbage's called a father of computing?

He created a more efficiant computer than the one before his.

What is Charles Babbage's birthday?

Charles Babbage, a British mathematician and original thinker, was the inventor of the first mechanical computing machine, called the 'Difference Engine'. He has often been referred to, quite rightly, as the 'Pioneer of the computer'.

After Charles Babbage who invented the computer?

After Charles Babbage, the next scientist was called Sir William Thomson.

Why ada lovelace is called as mother of computer?

Because she was married to Charles Babbage - He was known as the 'father' of the computer - as he invented the 'difference engine' (the first mechanical computer).

Who is called the father of computing?

Alan Turing has been called the father of Computer Science.* The epithet "father of the modern computer" has been applied to various people, including Charles Babbage, John Atanasoff, John von Neumann, Konrad Zuse, among many others, to the point that the phrase has become meaningless. * Computer Science is to computers what Astronomy is to telescopes.

Who is called the grandfather of computer among the following?

charles babbage

Why is Charles Babbage known as the father of computing?

Because he designed the first mechanical computer.

Charles Babbage nickname?

Answer:Although some unreliable sources list Charles Babbage's full name as Charles Henry Babbage, historians consistently refer to him simply as Charles Babbage, with no middle name, and that is how his name is published in both his official wedding announcement and his obituary.(Major General) Henry (Prevost) Babbage was the youngest of Charles Babbage's sons who lived to maturity.Answer:According to Wikipedia, as well as many other sources, it appears that Charles Babbage is his full name.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section ( indicated below this answer box.