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Q: Archimedes was a native of the Greek city of Syracuse on the island of?
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Is Archimedes from Greece?

Archimedes was born and lived in Syracuse in what is now Sicily. Syracuse then was a Greek colony and so he would have been considered Greek.

Where and when did Archimedes lived?

Archimedes lived in ancient Greece, in the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. He was born around 287 BC and died around 212 BC.

What was the greek city state that the scientist Archimedes was from?

The answer is Syracuse

Where was Archimedes hometown?

The hometown of Archimedes was Syracuse Sicily. This was back when Sicily was a Greek colony. Archimedes was born in 287 BC and is one of the most famous mathematicians in history.

Did Archimedes live in ancient Greece?

He lived in Syracuse, Sicily, a greek colony at the time.

Who was the greek scientist that invented the catapult?

it should be Archimedes of Syracuse i might be mistaken though

Is eureka an ancient Greek name for the island of Cyprus?

No, in Greek "eureka" means "I have found it". This is why scientists in films say "EUREKA!" every single time that they have found something. It was made famous by Archimedes of Syracuse.

Which Greek polymath used buoyancy to check whether a gold crown was genuine?

Archimedes (of Syracuse).

Was Archimedes Egyptian?

No, Archimedes of Syracuse who lived between 287 BC to 212 BC was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. He lived and worked in Sicily.

What languages did Archimedes speak?

Although he lived in Syracuse, he spoke Greek because that part of Italy was colonized by Greeks.

Who is Archimities?

Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek inventor-scientist-physicist-mathematician and scientist . See link for an in-depth article from Wikipedia .

How old would Archimedes be if he was still alive?

Greek mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse lived from around 287 BC to 212 BC. He was born about 2300 years ago (as dated to 2013).