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Purple is the coolest colour because it is the colour of a violet.

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Q: What is the coolest color on the world?
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What the color of coolest stars?

Orange is the coolest color of stars

What is the color of the coolest stars?

The coolest stars are red in color. They are classified as red dwarfs and have surface temperatures ranging from about 2,500 to 3,500 degrees Celsius.

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The coolest ninja in the world is Oprah. The coolest ninja in the world is Oprah.

What is the coolest color in the world and why?

If this question is asking: "The best color..." then there isn't an answer to that due to that being an opinion. If it's asking: "The coolest (breezy) color..." then the answer would probably (not 100%) be blue because blue is color that attracts the attention of the nervous system of something being calm/cold/cuhanky.

What color flame burns the coolest?

A lazy yellow flame is the "coolest" flame.

What color are coolest star?


What are the hottest to coolest stars color?

The hottest is blue-white and the coolest is dark red.

What color is the fashion?

i think pink is the coolest color in fashion

What color are hthe coolest stars?

They are red.

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Read alot of books and then choose the best and that will be the coolest book in your world.

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yes, Raymond hanna is the coolest man in the world

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