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You need about 310 to 325 12x12 ceramic tiles for a 320 sq-ft room.

Many tile dealers let you return unused tile. If your dealer does this, you should over-buy. You will probably break some, and the joint spacing may have an effect on the number of tiles required.

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Q: How many 12 x 12 tiles do you need for a 320 sq ft room?
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How many 6 x 6 tiles do you need for 80 square foot room?


How many 320 x 320 tiles makes 19 meter?

It depends on the units used for 320x320. Are they 320 mm x 320 mm tiles or 320 cm * 302 cm tiles or some other unit of measurement? It would have helped if you could have been bothered to specify.

How many 16 inch tiles in 320 square foot?

16X16 tiles are 1.78 sq ft per tile divide 320 by 1.78

How many 18x18 tiles to cover 720sq ft?

To cover 720 sq feet of floor with 18" x 18" tile, you would need 320 tiles.

How many 12 x 12 tiles are needed to cover 320 sq ft?


How many 12x12 tiles are needed for a room that is 320 square feet?

It depends on the dimension used for measuring the tiles. Whether they are 12 in x 12 in or 12 cm x 12 cm will make a huge difference to the number of tiles required!

How many tiles would you need to cover 320 sq ft?

Depends on the size of the tile. Get the area of the tile and then divide by the area you need to fill.

How many 18 x 18 inch tiles to do a 320 sq ft area?

142.22 tiles First, calculate the number of square inches you need by converting : 320 ft²*144 in² 1 ft²=46,080 in² Second, determine the area of the tiles: 18in * 18in = 324 in² Lastly, divide the total area by the area of the tile to determine the number you need: 46,080 in² / 324 in² = 142.22 tiles

How many 16 x 16 tiles are needed to cover 320 sq ft?

To make it easy to calculate I am going to convert everything to inches assuming each tile is 16 inches by 16 inches. I can imagine a 320 sq. ft. room as a 16 feet by 20 feet room. (16 x 20 = 320) 16 feet = 192 inches and 20 feet = 240 inches The area of the room in inches is 192 x 240 = 46080 sq. inches Each tile is 16 x 16 = 256 sq. inches Divide the area of the room by the area of 1 tile: 46080/256 = 180 180 TILES MEASURING 16 X 16 IN. ARE NEEDED TO COVER A ROOM 320 SQ. FEET

How many 4 by 4 inch tiles cover 320 square feet?

4 by 4 inches = 1/9 square foot 320 divided by 1/9 = 2880

How many 5 do you need to make 320?

You'll need 64 of them because 64*5 = 320

How many square feet is a room 20x16?

320 sq feet.