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Freedom, sincerity, angels, it could mean lots of things. Be more specific to get a clearer answer.

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I would say they mean freedom. I have a tattoo of wings and that is what they mean to me. They can also mean other things that have to do with religion and spiritual things.

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It means you're easy to screw.

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Q: What do wings mean in a tattoo?
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What does an eyeball with wings tattoo mean?

There are a number of things that an eyeball with wings tattoo mean. It could mean that someone is spiritually watching over them.

What do a tattoo of wings mean?

Wing tattoo designs can often have inspirational or spiritual symbolism. In many myths, wings often have to be earned.

What does heart with wings tattoo mean?

Letting your heart soar...

What does the heart with wings tattoo on Jennifer nettles mean?

Free spirited or GD

What do tribal wings in a tattoo mean?

Wings are typically symbolise freedom. This can be freedom from many things. Independence from the norm, from a struggle in life that they've risen above, or they may just have a thing for wings.

What is the tattoo on mike wolfe wrist?

tire with wings.

What does a gun with wings mean as a tattoo?

Unless it is supposed to be a memorial for a fallen tattoo artist...nothing. Most people get caught up in the whole "what does this design mean", without realizing that most designs are just that...designs. Of course, this is if you are speaking of a tattoo machine that most people erroneously call a "gun". If you mean a literal gun then I have absolutely no clue.

Who is the hot blonde with tattoo of wings on her back?

Kristin Leanne

What is the meaning of a diamond with bat wings tattoo?

Indistructible death

What is Shaun T's Tattoo on his arm?

Shaun T has a tattoo on his arm that is formed by a set of wings above the word "Alpha".

Does NICK CAVE have a tattoo?

he does. a skull with wings with anita written on a scroll underneath..

The tattoo on James Wlcek's upper left arm is a what?

a heart with wings