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A wet edge is a decorative arts term (faux finishing). It applies to the glazing process. The artist, while applying the glaze, works in sections on a wall. They must make sure that the glaze does not dry on the outer edge in order for it to be joined to the next section. If it does dry, the result is a "dry edge" that creates a line and ruins the entire look of the faux finish.

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Q: What is a wet edge?
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Does wet on wet refer to the technique where fresh paint is applied onto already wet paint?

True, it does! There is also a technique in water colour where paint is added to a wet surface. This is also referred to as "wet on wet".

What do you use to smooth the edges of a plastic acrylic?

Hey All you need to do is use some waterproof abrasive paper (also know as wet and dry paper) and in essence sand down the edges equally to get a nice finish. now the technique to the best finish is to use the wet and dry paper on the edges when it is dry until the edge feels smooth but maybe has a few more scratches you can't feel much but can see. Once you've done that, get the paper wet and repeat the sanding movements till the edge is very smooth. If you have a buffing or polishing machine you can use that on the edges too but look up the safety online as I'm not very well acquainted with the machine. Sincerely James

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Wet film thickness?

This term is often used to quantify the amount of wetpaint or similar protective substance that has been applied to a particular surface. It is often measured with a rather simple device called a wet film thickness guage. The gauge is piece of plastic about the same size and shape as a credit card but about twice as thick. Along the edge are a series of evenly spaced teeth. The two teeth at either end are the same length, but the intermediate teeth are in descending lengths so that when the edge of the gauge is pressed in to the wet coating, the thickness can be measured by observing which tooth has wet paint on it: the shorter the tooth, the thicker the coating, and vice versa. A more sophisticated, electronic tool is required to measure the thickness of dry paint.