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Karate all the way. i know i do karate and have done a couple others. karate is the best.

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Q: What is the coolest martial art?
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What is the Brazilian martial art based on dance?

Capoeira is the martial art.

What is the difference between karate and martial arts?

Karate is a martial art. It is all under one catagory, Judo is a martial art, Tae Kwon Do is a martial art

Is judo a martial art?

Yes, judo is a martial arts especially grappling art. Judo, meaning "gentle way", is a modern Japanese martial art

What is lock flow and what style Martial Art is it?

Its not a martial art its a training drill.

What is the best place to learn martial art in VA?

It is Majest Martial Art.

What is the style of shotokan?

it is an okinowin martial art from japan it is an okinowin martial art from japan

What martial art did they use on la femme nikita?

Mixed Martial Art (MMA)

Was pankration the first martial art?

No; most martial arts historians are in agreement, that it is wrestling which holds that honor. No, actually, the first real martial art is believed to be an inian martial art known as Kalarippayattu.

Is judo a Japanese martial art?

Judo is originally a Japanese martial art which emphasises throwing.

What french martial art is for moving over and around objects?

The martial art you are looking for is Parkour.

How do you patent your own martial art?

You don't patent a martial art. You can copyright the name or the manuals for it.

Is boxing classed as a martial art?

{| |- | Yes, the sweet science is a martial art. The use of weapons, such as swords and guns are also martial skills, and can be taught as a martial art. It didn't have to originate in Asia to fit the category. |}

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