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Zero degrees latitude is the "Equator" and zero degrees Longitude is the "Prime Meridian".

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Q: What two lines mark zero degrees on the globein which direction do these lines run?
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What distance do latitude lines marks?

Lines of latitude mark distance in degrees north and south of the Equator.

Do latitude lines align the poles?

Yes, but they only go up to the 90 degrees mark. On the other hand, the longitude line spreads out further to the 180 degrees mark.

Which four lines mark the middle latitudes?

Hey hey hey lmfao There are four lines that mark the middle latitudes. They consist of 33 degrees 33' 33' North, 66 degrees 33' 33', 63 degrees 33' 33' South, and 33 degrees 33' 33' South. They can be found on maps and globes.

White lines painted in the pavement indicate?

In California, solid white lines mark traffic lanes going in the same direction, such as one-way streets.

What are the names of the lines on the globe called?

The lines printed on some globes and some maps have no names, any more thanthe lines on rulers and tape measures have. They're all used to show the positionof a few even multiples of some units of measurement.The lines on a tape measure mark off multiples of inches, feet, meters, or yards.The lines on a measuring cup mark off multiples of ounces or liters.The lines on maps and globes mark off multiples of angle degrees. The anglesrepresent longitudes if they're marked off in the east/west direction, and latitudeif they're marked off in the north/south direction. Longitudes and latitudes aremeasurements of angles that describe the location of places on the Earth.

What two imaginary lines mark the tropical climate regions?

The Tropic of Capricorn at 23.5 degrees south and Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees north

How many lines of longitude in a hemisphere?

The northern and southern hemispheres each have 360 degrees of longitude. The eastern and western hemispheres each have 180 degrees of longitude. You can use as many or as few 'lines' as you want, to mark off any number of degrees.

What two lines mark zero degrees on the globe?

The Prime Meridian marks the zero degree line of longitude. The Equator marks the line for zero degrees latitude.

What is the difference between latitude and longituide?

90 degrees. Lines of latitude mark the angle from the equator. They run parallel to the equator. Lines of longitude mark angles around the earth, east and west. They run from the north to the south pole.

What is 300-450 d on a g b?

300-450 Degrees (Fahrenheit) on a Gas BurnerThe temperature varies according to which setting is being used, eg275 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark One300 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Two325 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Three350 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Four375 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Five400 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Six425 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Seven450 Degrees Fahrenheit at Gas Mark Eight

How do you find unknown angles of a trapezoid?

First identify the two lines that are parallel. Call these the top and bottom lines. Mark the two corners on the left A and B. Then angle A + angle B = 180 degrees. Next, mark the two corners on the right C and D. Angle C + angle D = 180 degrees. Hope this helps :)

How are plumb line spirit level and try square related to perpendicular lines?

EWANImproved Answer:-They are both used to mark out right angles which are perpendicular lines that intersect each other at 90 degrees.

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