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Descartes went to the University of Poitiers and got a degree in law. However, in 1618 he joined the International College of War in the Dutch Republic. Ten years later he joins the University of Franeker, and later enrolls in Leiden University to study mathematics.

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rene descartes grew up in lattaye,france.

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Q: Where did René Descartes grow up?
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What were Ren Descartes' discoveries?

Rene Descartes invented the famous Cartesian coordinate system.He worked in the field of analytic geometry.

What are Ren Descartes' contributions to mathematics?

Rene desscartes was the father of mathematics.

Where did Rene Descartes parents grow up?

Rene Descartes' father, Joachim, was born in Châtellerault, France, and his mother, Jeanne, was born in Paris, France.

What city was Ren Descartes born in?

== == Oddly enough, the place now called Descartes. Initially called La Haye en Touraine, the town was renamed La Haye-Descartes in 1802 in his honour, and then renamed again to Descartes in 1967.

Why did Ren Descartes embark on the project of doubt?

Short answer: Descartes' doubt was like WWI - the doubt to end all doubt. Only by doubting everything could Descartes hope to find anything that was certain (even if the only certainty is that nothing else is certain!).

How did Ren Descartes invent the coordinate system?

Some math mathematicians say that Descartes inspiration came from being in bed so late. But, this also came about because of his love for math and all of his studying.

How did René Descartes come up with the Cartesian plane?

How did Rene Descartes come up the cartesian plane?

What is Cartesian?

Cartesian refers to the philosopher and mathematician Ren

What belief about nature did Francis Bacon and Ren and eacute Descartes share.?

Francis Bacon and René Descartes both believed in the importance of systematic observation and experimentation in understanding nature. They advocated for an empirical approach to studying the natural world, rejecting reliance on traditional knowledge or speculative reasoning. Both Bacon and Descartes are considered pioneers in the development of the scientific method.

How does Rene Descartes contribution to mathematics impact today's society?

DESCARTES Rule in math class. (geometry and up!)

Why did Descartes not get up before 11am?

he had a sleeping disorder

Who came up with algebra polynomials?

Rene Descartes