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There are many homemade things you can use to make and instrument. The best one is getting pots and pans and a wooden spoon and have your own drum set.

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Q: How do you make a home made instrument?
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What is a wind instrument that you can make at home?

A wind vane or a wind sock.

What is balingbing instrument?

the balingging is wind instrument and i have in my home

What are facts about the triangle instrument?

The triangle is a percussion instrument and is in the shape of a triangle and is made from metal- this instrument is normally played with a beater to make diferent sounds which start and finish before the next sound is made. :)

Why did adolphe sax made the saxophone?

to make a instrument similar to the clarinet

Who mADE the tulali instrument?

whp made the tulali instrument

Can you make up a song on recorder?

Yes, if it is a musical instrument, a song can be made up on it.

What Is A Woodwind Instrument Made Of Brass?

The saxophone. While the instrument itself is commonly made of brass, the mechanics of it, as well as the use of a reed, make it a woodwind.

What is a homemade instrument?

A homemade instrument could be litterally anything found around the home that would make a noise. One example would be putting some grains of rice into an empty plastic bottle to make a 'shaker'

Who made the instrument?

who invented the instrument keyboard

How were pianos made in 1900?

they make stuff for it so they can but all the part together and paint the part of it it made form instrument and percussion

Are stradivarius made today?

A stradivarius instrument is an instrument made by Stradivarius, a string instrument maker who lived hundreds of years ago, therefore they are not made today.

What are the materials used to make a marimba instrument?

A marimba is a musical instrument that looks like a xylophone. It was first made in southern Mexico. The material to make them can be either metal or wood, and rosewood is the best wood to create this instrument with.