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The electrical watt rating of the inverter is different than that audio watt output of the amplifier. Your best bet would be to go to the Rockford Fosgate website and look at the electrical requirements for the amp.

Even though the amplifier is rated at 1200 watts, it will consume more. The manufacturer will probably give the power consumption in amps, or at least the size of fuse to use in the power supplied to the amplifier. Use the following equation to calculate the power required for the amplifier. P (watts) = I (amps) x V (volts). For instance if the manufacturer says use a 120 amp fuse and you are using 12 volts in a car, it would be P = (120) x (12). P = 1440 watts. You would need a power converter that can supply at least 1500 watts continuously to feed enough power. You can always use a bigger converter because the amplifier will only draw what it needs. There is also one more issue, if you are converting from 120 V from the house, to 12 V for a car amplifier, you need to make sure that you are plugged into an outlet that can handle the load. If you are supplying 1500 watts on the 12 V side and you plug it into the house 120 V the voltage is approximately 10 times more. This means that the amperage will be 10 times less. so 120 amps at 12 volts = 12 amps at house voltage, so any normal outlet should handle it; however, if you find a larger converter like 2500 watts, the current would be I = P/V: I = (2500W)/(120V) I = 20.8 amps. Most house outlets can handle 15 to 20 amps. You run the risk of popping a breaker.

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Q: Will a 250 watt power converter power a 1200 watt Rockford fosgate amplifier?
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Does the Rockford Fosgate 12" sub have to have an Amplifier over 50 watts?

For optimal performance, match the amplifier's power output to the rating of your subwoofer. The Rockford Fosgate 12" starts at a 150-Watt rating.

What amplifier power will I need to power dual 12" Rockford Fosgate subwoofers?

A Rockford 250 watt amp would compliment a 12" Subwoofer very nicely.

If you have 2 12 Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D412 subs what size amp do you need?

"Power Acoustik GT1-2400D" OR "Kenwood Excelon X1200M" Amplifier

Is rockfordfosgate better than jl audio?

rockford fosgate beats jl power wise and prices. jl audio is also a excellent brand but in terms of power vs performance jl audio has an edge. jl audio is alot cleaner bass than its counter part rockford fosgate. jl audio provides its lows as well as high clean bass with good power. their over priced for quality though. rockford fosgate will out perform with deep louder bass. both cea rated for true wtts. rockford fosgate is excellent in prices beating jl audio from as much as 50$ - 100$ in getting virtually same high quality. rockford fosgate is better in their new 2011 models which are cleaner and underated for their power output.

How many watts does the Rockford Fosgate Power 150a1?

75 x 1 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms 150 x 1 Watts RMS @ 2 Ohms

Can you run a 500 watt amplifier at low volume on a 140 watt ac converter?

Yes, you can run a 500 watt amplifier at low volume on a 140 watt AC converter. The power consumption of the amplifier will depend on the volume level it is set to. As long as the amplifier is not drawing more power than what the converter can supply, you should be able to use them together safely. Keep an eye on the power indicator on the converter to ensure it's not being overloaded.

What is the best way to wire 2 svc 2 ohm subs with a Rockford Fosgate T500 1db?

How much power can the subs take in terms of RMS wattage? You can either wire them to a 4 ohm load where they will each see 125 watts, or to a 1 ohm load where they each get 250 watts. Rockford Fosgate supplies a very useful feature for showing how to wire the subs for the impedance that you want:

Your rockford fosgate amp keeps going into protection mode when you hook up the power wire?

you might have you subs hooked up wrong i the box idk check and make sure might blow um

What size and brand of amp should I get to power Rockford T1D212 800w subs?

I got the rockford T1D212, am using a 2000W RMS, Sedona Series Class D Mono block Amplifier by precision. it's a great amp.

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