What is morality of fame?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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No such animal. Fame has nothing to do with morality OR immorality.

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The morality of fame relates to the ethical considerations surrounding how individuals attain, use, and respond to fame. It raises questions about the impacts of fame on personal values, social relationships, responsibilities to fans, and how fame is obtained (e.g., through ethical versus unethical means). The moral implications of fame may vary depending on factors such as authenticity, integrity, and the impact on others.

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Q: What is morality of fame?
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Jude wanted fame but instead was obscure - of little prominence and lacked the light of the morality of his culture

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Reflective morality is the internalized version of right and wrong from the elements of our upbringing. Reflective morality can include both religious morality, customary morality, and empathy.

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On the Genealogy of Morality was created in 1887.

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Master morality means that he feels he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.Slave morality means that the slave resents the master and all he represents.

What is the difference between slave morality and master morality according to Friedrich Nietzsche?

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