32 is what percent of 64?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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32 out of 64 is arithmetically/fractionally written as 32/64.

When simplified by cancelling down, this is the equivalent of 1/2

Next: the term percentage actually means per [or "out of"] cent [100 = cent is a derivative word meaning 100]. So percent means 'per 100' ... or 'for every 100'. Essentially it means, 'divided by 100'.

This means that in giving a fraction or ratio (such as 1/2 - above) in percentage terms, we have effectively divided the answer by 100, simply in using the term 'percent'. Therefore, to keep the integrity of the fraction, we must multiply by 100, as what we do to the bottom line, we must also do to the top line - which must be multiplied by 100.

Arithmetically, the expression, then, is written as:

1/2 X 100/1 ... [because in stating that the answer is a percentage, we are "automatically" diving by 100.]

=> 100/2 = 50, effectively calculates the top line figure, even though the calculation itself is in both - top and bottom line form.

So, ultimately, in percentage terms, the answer is 50/100, or, as we say it,

50 percent.

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32 is exactly 50%, or half of 64.

Take 64 and divide it by two, and you get the answer.

Or you can cross multiply:


X = (32*100)/64

X = 50%

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Q: 32 is what percent of 64?
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