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Yes, it can.

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Q: A probability is usually expressed as a decimal such as 0.70 or 0.27 but it can also be expressed as a fraction such as 710 or 27100.?
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Is relative humidity expressed as a fraction?

It is expressed as a percentage (fraction of 100%).

Can ratios be in decimals?

Yes, they often are. Gear ratios and anatomical ratios are usually expressed in decimal numbers in relation to one.

How do you rename fractions as decimals?

Usually to rename a fraction as a decimal the little fraction symbol and the decimal stand for the word "and". Or if you have a whole number in the fraction then that number would be your "and" for example 3 1/2 would be three and one half in words right... so 3.5 is your decimal I LOVE ZAYN <3

What is 0.63 as a fraction?

63/100. To convert this decimal to a fraction, you move the decimal point two places, and place it over 100. You usually reduce fractions, like 2/4 becomes 1/2. 63/100 cannot be reduced.

How do you express a decimal as a fraction in simplest form?

Make the decimal a fraction, which is usually one or two digits over 100. Decimal percentages will be expressed using larger denominators.One way of saying this is to write the numbers after the decimal, over 1 followed by as many 0's as there are numbers after the decimal.Examples:.5 = 5/10.28 = 28/100.402 = 402/1000.5525 = 5525/10000Reduce the fraction to its simplest form by dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number, which is the same as dividing by 1.Example:28/100 divided by 4/4 = 7/25 -- this is the simplest form402/1000 divided by 2/2 = 201/500 -- this is simplest form (201 = 67x3)5525/10000 divided by 25/25 = 221/400 -- this is simplest form (221 = 13x17)the numbers after the decimal over 1 followed by as many 0's as there are numbers after the decimal.1) You convert the decimal to a fraction.2) You simplify the fraction in the usual way.For step 1, count the number of decimal digits. Use a "1", followed by that many zeros, in the denominator. Write the decimal number WITHOUT a decimal point in the numerator. Here is an example: Convert 3.225 to a fraction. Three decimal digits; so the denominator is 1000 (three zeros); your fraction is 3225 / 1000.For step 2, the prime factors of the denominator can only be 2 and 5; for example, you don't need to check whether both numbers are multiples of 3, or of 7 - they won't.

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Write decimal as fraction in simplest?

A number expressed in decimal form usually is a fraction. It is simply a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. And, since it is a decimal fraction, there is not another simpler decimal form.

Is relative humidity expressed as a fraction?

It is expressed as a percentage (fraction of 100%).

Is 0.8 called eighth?

No. 0.8 is eight tenths, usually expressed as four fifths/ An eighth is 0.125 as a decimal fraction.

What is the formula for probability fraction?

Usually, a fraction is already a probability. Like if you roll a die, the probability that you will get a 1 is 1/6. So your probability would be your fraction.

What is usually expressed as a fraction?

A rational number, other than an integer, is expressed as a fraction.

How is probability usually written?

P(s) = s/t where success = s and total outcomes = t instead of a fraction it can be written as a decimal.

Is a scale factor shown as a decimal percentage or fraction?

It is usually a fraction, as it is usually shown in a ratio. Decimal and percentages can be used though.

What is the definition of probability?

The likelihood that a particular event will occur is called probabilityThe ratio of the wanted outcomes divided by the possible outcomes gives a fraction or ratio usually expressed as a percentage.The likelihood of an event occuring.

How does one express the probability of an event and how does probability relate to science?

The probability of an event is usually expressed as a fraction between 0 and 1 or the corresponding percentage. There are many processes in science that have some random element: from the Brownian motion of molecules in a fluid to genetics. The outcomes cannot be determined in advance: only the probabilities of the possible outcomes.

The chance that a given event will occur usually expressed between the number 0 and 1?


How is probability represented?

Usually as a fraction or ratio. (desired results) : (all results)

Is 2.56 irrational?

No, irrational numbers must continue past the decimal indefinitely, without a pattern, and can't be expressed as a fraction. Not only does 2.56 stop at the hundredth decimal, but it can also be expressed as the fraction 256/100. Its worth noting that 1.999999...forever repeating is also a rational number. Irrational numbers are usually things like pi, the square root of two, etc.