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No special name.

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Q: Any special name for a prime number 2?
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How do youwrite the prime number?

There is no such thing as THE prime number. Prime numbers are not written in any special way.

What is the name of a number with three factors?

Any square of a prime number.

What do you call one if it is not a prime or composite number?

The property of prime or composite is not defined for the number 1, just as it is not defined for any number that has a fractional part. There are no special names for numbers that are not prime nor composite.

Is there any number that is not prime and not composite?

Well, yes, the number 1 is usually considered in a special category. It is not considered prime, but it isn't composite, either.

Why number 1 is a special number?

One is a special number because it is neither prime nor composite. It only has one factor, which is one. It can also be multiplied to any number to not change the product from the original number.

How many prime numbers in 100 are relatively prime?

Any prime number is relatively prime to any other prime number.

Name a prime number that is even?

A prime number is any number that only has one and itself as factors. By definition even numbers have a factor of two. Therefore the only even number that is prime is the number 2.

What is the special name for the number 1?

Multiplicative identity. Because for any number a, 1*a = a

What is the prime factors for any prime number?

The number itself.

How can you decide whether a number is a prime number?

Any number that cannot be evenly divided by any prime number smaller than itself is a prime number.

What numbers are not a prime number?

Any number that is not a prime number.. . .Prime numbers: 1,3,5 and 7

Prime numbers do not have any factors?

A prime number has two factors: one and the number itself. A prime number does not have any proper factors.

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