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Yes, all primes over three are either of the form 6n - 1 or 6n + 1. So the only way for them to be prime pairs is for one to be of the same n, one -1 and the other +1; so the number between them is always of the form 6n, and thus always divisible by six.

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Q: Are all numbers between twin primes divisible by six?
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Is 109 and 111 twin numbers?

Perhaps you mean twin primes? In which case the answer is no: 111 is divisible by 3 so is not prime.

Which are the twin primes between 30 and 60?

The only twin primes (prime numbers which differ by 2) between 30 and 60 are (41, 43)

What are two odd numbers called when they are separated by just one compisite number in between them?

They are called twin primes. 3 & 5 are twin primes.

What are the twin prime numbers between 70 and 100?

The only twin primes between 70 and 100 are 71 and 73.

What are the twin primes numbers between 15 through 35?

17,19 29,31

Is 51 and 53 twin primes?

No - 51 is divisible by 3.

Is 71 and 73 twin primes?

twin primes are 2 prime numbers with a difference of 2 the prime numbers 5 and 3 are twin primes because 5 minus 3 equals 2 so 109 and 111 are not twin primes

Do twin primes have one composite number between them?

No, twin primes are pairs of prime numbers that have only one number between them which is a composite number. For example, (3, 5) and (11, 13) are twin prime pairs with the composite number 4 and 12 respectively between them.

What are the twin prime numbers between 50 and 100?

The twin primes in this range are 59 & 61 and 71 & 73.

Why are 3 and 5 twin primes?

Because the definition of twin primes is: two prime numbers with a difference of 2. 3 and 5 are both prime numbers, and their difference is 5 - 3 = 2 → they are twin primes.

What are the next twin prime numbers after 2 and 3?

Well, to begin with, 2 and 3 are not twin primes. The first twin primes are 3 and 5, but then 5 and 7 are also twin primes. After that, it's 11 and 13, then 17 and 19, 29 and 31, and 41 and 43. Twin primes are distinguished by having a difference of 2 between them.

Are 113 and 127 twin primes?

No. Twin primes are two consecutive odd numbers that are prime, such as 17 and 19.