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120 decibels is the sound of a jet engine, or the volume of loud Rock Music at a concert.

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Q: At what decibel level do sounds become very loud?
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What is the loudnesss or softness of a sound?

The loudness of a sound is determined by the amplitude of the sound wave, measured in decibels (dB). Soft sounds have low amplitude and low decibel level, while loud sounds have high amplitude and high decibel level.

How would you compare loud sounds from loud sounds?

Sound is measured in Decibels. This is judged based on the human hearing. You can use a decibel meter to detect just how loud a sound is.

What can be measured with a decibel meter?

A decibel meter is used to measure sound. It is a handheld device and can be used to quickly measure how loud certain sounds are. They are sometimes used to measure how loud a crowd is in sports.

How do you tell the difference between loud and quiet sounds?

Loud sounds are high in volume and can often be heard from far away, while quiet sounds are low in volume and may only be heard at close range. You can use a decibel meter to measure the sound levels and determine if they are loud or quiet.

What words do we use for how loud and how high or low a note is?

Decibel (dB) is a measurement of the noise level of sound.

What help you tell if sounds are high or slow and soft or loud?

Sound is measured in Decibels. This is judged based on the human hearing. You can use a decibel meter to detect how loud a sound is.

How loud does a sound have to be to cause damage to the ears?

Sounds above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage with prolonged exposure. The higher the decibel level and the longer the exposure, the greater the risk of hearing damage. Sounds above 120 decibels can cause immediate harm.

How can you get the local Law Enforcement to ticket the loud motor cycles?

They have to catch them in the act of driving. Also it is a certain decibel level that is a violation. So basically to you it might be noisy, but if it is below the decibel level set by law there is nothing you or they can do.

What is the loudest sound a human can hear?

20,000 Hz (20kHz) is the (ideal) highest FREQUENCY that a healthy human ear can hear. With regard to loud sounds, a sound LEVEL of 120 decibel (dB) causes pain, and a level of 140 dB causes deafness.

What is 36 decibel?

'decibel' means power level compared to something else. +36 dB = 3,981 times as much power as whatever it's compared to.

Is loud an abstract noun?

The word 'loud' is not a noun, it is an adjective used to describe a noun as a sound that is strong or intense; a vulgarly obtrusive or flashy appearance.The noun form for the adjective loud is loudness, a concrete noun; a word for the decibel level of sound, a physical characteristic.

Does a higher decibel have a louder sound?

Yes, a higher decibel level typically indicates a louder sound. Decibels are a unit of measurement for sound intensity, with a logarithmic scale where each 10 decibel increase represents a sound that is perceived as roughly twice as loud.