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Yes. Any Prime number greater than 100 has only itself in its prime factorization.


The prime factorization of 101 is 101.

The prime factorization of 109 is 109.

The prime factorization of 127 is 127.

The prime factorization of 311 is 311.

The prime factorization of 691 is 691.

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Q: Can a number greater than 100 have only 1 number in it's prime factorization?
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Can a number over 100 only have 1 in its prime factorization?

1 is not a prime number, so it wouldn't be present in any prime factorization. Prime numbers don't really have factorizations, that is, the factorization is the number itself. There are prime numbers greater than 100.

Can a number greater than 100 have only one number in its prime factorization?

yes , 11

What is the number that is greater then 50 and less than 100 and whose prime factorization consists of only one prime number?


What number has 2x2x2x2x3 as its prime factorization?

The only number with that prime factorization has to be 48.

Can a number greater than 100 have only 1 number in its prime fatorization?

No. Prime numbers (of any size) have only one prime factor, but that's not really a factorization.

What is the prime factors of 2?

Prime Factorization of 22 is a prime number, so it does not have a prime factorization.

How do you find the number with prime factorization 23?

Only 23 has prime factorization of 23.

What is the longest prime factorization string for 239?

There is only one prime factorization string for each number, so there is not a "longest" one. Since 239 is a prime number, its prime factorization is 239.

What is the prime factorization for the number 11?

11 is a prime number. Its only prime factor is 11.

Prime factorization of 47?

There is no prime factorization of 47 since it is a prime number. It's only factors are 1 and 47.

Can 2 numbers have the same prime factorization?

Only if they're the same number. Every composite number has a unique prime factorization.

What is the process that identifies only the prime factors of a number?

prime factorization