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well every integer fraction whole number natural number are rational number's surely rational numbers are represented on a number line and as rational numbers are the real numbers

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Q: Can rational numbers be placed on the number line?
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Is the number line a graph of rational numbers?

The number line includes all rational numbers but also has irrational ones. It is the REAL number line. The square root of non-perfect squares are on it and pi is also on it and they are not rational.

Where are the positive rational number placed on a horizontal number line?

above 0

Can rational numbers be ordered on a number line?


Is a real number always irrational?

Real numbers can be rational or irrational because they both form the number line.

How can a number line be used to compare rational numbers?

because the # line shows the rational #'s in order from least to greatest

Does real number line correspond to an irrational number?

No. The real number line corresponds to rational AND irrational numbers.

all numbers that can be written on the number line that include rational and irrational numbers?

That would be the real numbers.

What is the density property in Math?

The Density Property states that, between two rational numbers on a number line there is another rational number. Mark some fractions on a number line. No matter how dense the number line is, there still is another number between the two numbers.

A real number that is not rational?

Real numbers are any numbers that could be on a number line. Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as fractions. Real irrational numbers are things like pi or the square root of 2.

What is 5.1 and 1.5 on the number line?

They are two points representing rational numbers.

Can rational number be on a number line?

Yes,a rational number can be on a number line :D

Is 1.68 a real number and why?

Yes, because it can be located on a number line.

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