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97 is the only Prime number between 90 and 100.

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Q: Determine the number that has only two factors that lie between 90 and 100?
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How can you determine if a number is prime by looking at the factors of the number?

A prime number only has two factors. If the number you're looking at has more than two factors, it is not prime.

What is the difference between factors of a number and factors of a prime number?

Well, the factors of a prime number is that they only have two factors.

What is the only number between 1 and 100 that has too few factors to be a prime number?

1 is the only number between 1 and 100 that has too few factors to be a prime number.

If you have only 2 factors and the difference between the 2 factors is 16 what are you?

17 If the number has only two factors, it must be a prime number. The only factors of 17 are 1 and 17. The difference between 1 and 17 is 16.

How do you determine all factors Prime factorization?

A prime number has only 2 factors which are itself and one whereas a composite number has more than two factors.

What is a number between 12 and 40 with 3 factors?

25 it's factors are 1, 5,and 25. That's a number between 12 and 40 that has only 3 factors

What number between 12 and 40 has only three factors?

It is 25 because,25s only factors are 1,5,and 25.

What is a number between twelve and forty that only has three factors?


What number has only three factors and is in between 12 and 40?


What number between 300 and 400 exactly has 15 factors?

This number would have to be a squared number as it only has 15 factors. The number I have calculated is 324 as the square root is 18

Explanin How do you determine the prime factorzation of 56?

the prime factorization of 56 is a prime number that are only divisible by twounique factors.

What are All the number between 50 and 20 that are factors of 60?

30 is the only number between 20 and 50 that is a factor of 60