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That's right, the 90th percentile is the top 10%.

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Q: Does 90th percentile equal top 10 percent?
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What is the 86Th percentile of an IQ score?

top 14 percent

A Typical College Graduate has an IQ score of 120 What percentage of the population has a higher IQ?

ca. 9 % has an higher IQ.... (IQ 119 90th percentile equals top 10%)

What is a 120 IQ score as a percent?

It represents an IQ in the top 10 percentile (approximately).

What is 5th percentile?

Being in the 5th percentile means that in whatever criteria was being measured or tested, the subject in question was equal to or greater than 95% of test subjects (for the top 5th percentile) or equal to or less than 95% of test subjects (for the lower 5th percentile). Usually it refers to the former.

What is the top percentile?

The top percentile is 100. It represents the maximum score.

What percentile would you need to be in to get into unc?

you would need to be in the top 5 percentile to get into UNC. you would need to be in the top 5 percentile to get into UNC.

What is the top percentile rank?


What percentile rank would represent a person with a z score of 3?

The top percentile (> 99.86%)

How do you calculate the top ten percent of your class?

You make a list of the grades, in descending order. Then you pick the top 10%; for example, if there are 50 students, you pick the top 5. To get the percentile, you look at the corresponding grade, in the position that corresponds to #5 in this example.

Is there a difference between the 80th percentile and the top 80?

There is not a difference between the 80th percentile and been in the top 80. This is the same thing just written in different ways.

What IQ percentile is required to join Intertel?

Top 1%.

What is the fraction of 375 percent?

Expressed as a top-heavy fraction in its simplest form, 375 percent is equal to 15/4 or fifteen over four.