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Q: Forty percent of 150 people are women and twenty percent are senior citizens If sixty percent of the seniors are women how many men are there?
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Does Kmart give senior citizens 20 percent off for seniors?

No, KMart does not provide a routine senior citizen discount. They may, on rare occasions, run a sale targeting senior citizens, but this would be unusual.

What kind of vacation do senior citizens like?

Senior citizens like all types of vacations. There are vacations solely for seniors as well. Seniors like cruises, adventures, beach vacations, and tours.

Where and how can we get travel deals for senior citizens?

You can get travel deals for senior citizens by finding out what companies have discounts for seniors. You can find senior citizen travel deals at

What are the euphemisms for the old people?

Senior citizens, elderly individuals, retirees, and golden agers are common euphemisms used to refer to old people.

Awareness campaign strategy for either senior citizens?

Senior citizens are some of the most misunderstood groups of people. For an awareness campaign, a person may want to focus on medical treatment and first aid for seniors.

How old are senior citizens?

Most places mark people 62 and over as Senior Citizens. Not all seniors like to think of themselves as 'Over the Hill' and a rare few are desperate to conceal their age.

What is senior's health?

Seniors' health refers to the physical and mental conditions of senior citizens, those who are in their 60s and older.

Where are the old people living in California?

Senior Citizens live every where in the world. There are senior citizens in every city in California. Im 99% sure because there could be small cities with populations at like 10 and none of them could be seniors.

Are there any travel deals for seniors?

There are lots of discounts available for seniors. You can check out websites such as and

What is the plural possessive of senior?

The plural of senior is seniors. The plural possessive of seniors is seniors'

What does social security funds pay for?

It helps pay for the people that are retired now....soon people will be paying for us when we are seniors but now we pay for the senior citizens now

What words best describe elderly people?

Seniors, senior citizens, geriatric, retirees, young-at-heart, second childhood