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Q: How can the decimal real number 175.23 be represented as a 6 digit integer in floating point notation?
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How can the decimal real number 1385.58 be represented as a 6-digit integer in floating point notation?

138558 x 10-2

What is 610 as decimal fraction?

610 is an integer and so cannot be represented as a decimal fraction.

What is radix in floating point representation?

In all number bases, the radix simply represents the point that separates the integer component from the fractional component in a real number. In decimal notation, the radix is more commonly called a decimal point.

Is 0.25 a example of integer?

NO, it is a decimal that can be represented as the fraction 1/4 but can never be written as n integer.

What is 5 as a decimal fraction?

5 is an integer and not a fraction. It can be represented as a rational fraction (5/1) but not as a decimal fraction.

What does the word unit mean in math?

the digit before the decimal point in decimal notation, representing an integer less than ten.

What is a floating number?

A floating point number is one that contains an integer as well as a fractional part, for example 101.3625. These are often represented by their scientific notations as well, such as 1.013625E2

What does a scientific notation look like?

Scientific notation looks like a*10bwhere 1 &acirc;&permil;&curren; |a| < 10 is a decimal number and bis an integer.

What is 480000 in integer notation?

What is 480000 in integer notation

What are the rules writing of scientific notation?

In scientific notation all numbers are written in the form: a*10b where a is a decimal number such that 1 &acirc;&permil;&curren; a &lt; 10 and b is an integer.

How do you write two hundred and ten thousand as a decimal?

Standard integer form: 210,000 Scientific notation: 2.1x105

How do you convert 0.4428 into scientific notation?

Since .4428 is to the ten thousandths place, and scientific notation only takes an integer, a decimal point and then the numbers after it, the scientific notation would be 4.428 * 10-1