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Q: How can w e convert cgpa into percentage of srm university chennai?
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How do you convert CGPA of Anna university to percentage?

my CGPA is 7.41 . How to convert into percentages university, Chennai)

How can you convert cgpa to percentage in Anna university?


How do you convert cgpa to percentage for sathyabama university?

(CGPA x 10) -7.5 = %

How can CGPA can calculate in Anna university Chennai for 2009 2013?

The required CGPA to be accepted into the Anna university of India in 2013 Chennai is 8.50 CGPA, any less will be denied. it is caculated in this formula CGPA*8.82= Equivilant percentage required.

How do you convert Anna university CGPA to percentage?

Since Anna university follows 10-point grading system, CGPA*8.82=Equivalent percentage. Eg: If CGPA is 9.00, then the equivalent percentage = 9.00*8.82=79.4% Refer "Easycalculation's CGPA Calculator" to convert CGPA to Percentage.

How can you convert percentage to CGPA for andhra universityand for jntu kakinada university?

my CgpA was7.19/10 what was my percentage

How do you convert cgpa to percentage for vit university 2009-2012 batch?

cgpa* 10=%equivalent of cgpa

How do you convert icfai university cgpa into percentage?

i got 6.91 cgpa out of 10 point scale from icai university . tell me my %

How can you convert percentage to cgpa in jntu kakinada university?


How do you convert amrita vishwa vidhyapeetham university CGPA to percentage?


What CGPA is required for distinction in chennai anna university 2012?

8.50 cgpa

How can you convert cgpa to percentage in sathyabama university?

Formula for converting CGPA in to percentage is CGPA x 10 -7.5;Eg.CGPA= 7.5, %=(7.5 x 10)-7.5=67.5%

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